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Everything In Between


2019 — “Everything In Between”

Pre Production Documentation

May 22, 2019

Prepared for Keytronic. By Inland Film Co, in partnership with Victory Media.


Film Objectives

First — tell the story of a product Keytronic has designed and manufactured.

Second — draw the correlation of everything in between design, manufacturing, and the end user.

Third (not least) — highlight Keytronic’s ability to help in design, manufacturing, and delivery of everything mechanical and/or electrical.



Approachable — using our style, and giving things a well lit look to make people feel like they can approach Keytronic.

Inspiring — we want the senior buyer at company X to want to work with Keytronic, because they feel like they can conquer the world with their services.

The Guide — Company X, and their senior buyer, are the “hero” in the story of whatever product they are developing. We want Keytronic to serve as the guide who takes them from Point A to Point B in their journey of becoming the hero.


some inspiratioN

The above example (inspiration) was obviously for Exxon Mobil, but the story is about how Exxon Mobil fuels everything from the farm, the trucks that deliver the eggs, the gas that heats up the eggs, etc., etc. This does a fantastic job of telling the story of where Exxon Mobil — behind the scenes of everything around one simple product; an egg.

The above example from Apple reminds us of the story about the mop in a box. We’d love to see something like this made someday around that story.

Shinola has a beautiful visual example of the look and feel we’d like to bring to this Keytronic film.



By using gorgeous visuals, a narration with a well written script, and the perfect song, we want and plan for people to feel inspired — finishing the video wanting to learn more about Keytronic and what they offer.


Tight Product Shots

We will get tight shots by getting up close and personal with wide angle lenses. The purpose of this will be to keep the focus on whoever or whatever is in frame at any moment and/or the action taking place (operation, procedure, etc.). There’s a sense of intimacy with shots like this, and you don’t risk your audience becoming distracted. Nothing else in the moment (as a viewer) matters. We’ll focus on a product the general population is ultra familiar with.


Wide Action Shots

We’ll want to get shots of very specific things happening, and gather the natural sound from them. In order for the mixture of tight to wide shots to work to their fullest potential, we’ll need to be diligent about talking through all the possibilities for the best action sequences.



Keytronic is the guide in their customer’s hero story. We’ll emphasize this through the behind the scenes look at the work Keytronic puts into design, implementation, and manufacturing processes.



Keytronic doesn’t have to build the whole helicopter. We want to emphasize the ability to design and build with in a wide range of project scopes.


Ideas for Marketing Graphics


what’s it going to Take?

Pre Production — Two to Three Weeks

Script, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, scheduling with Keytronic staff/locations

Filming Days — Seven Days (Estimated)

Post Production: Six to Eight Weeks




First Assistant Camera

Production Assistant

Grip and Lighting

Production Sound Mixer

Boom Operator


Color Artist

Final Product — One Film

Included: 4K Versions (for Facebook, YouTube, Presentations and more), as well as Instagram specific versions (tall/vertical).

Three Minutes (estimated) — Everything In Between

Camera Equipment and Gear

See Full List Here

Note: This proposal and budget does not include RAW Footage. Inland Film Co maintains the right to use the footage for marketing purposes.

The first point of contact at your organization agreed to the following terms, therefore you are bound to the following as well. You agree all vision and scope for this series of films belongs to Inland Film Co, you agree the proposal is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of your organization (Keytronic or Victory Media).