Inland Film Co
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Cinematic Marketing Videos

Commercial portfolio, by Inland Film Co.

All shots were collected from commercial marketing projects.

Year In Review - Cinematic Commercial Film Reel 2018

2018 Year In Review - Inland Film Co.

All reel shots were collected from commercial marketing projects.

Mitch Williams

Director of Photography
Sam McGhee

Producer (Gus Johnson Ford)
Bonnie Quinn

Producer (Ten Capital, Complete Athlete)
Dayne Kuhlmann

Camera Operator / Aerial Cinematography
James Trayford

Aeiral Pilot
James Nisbett

Aeiral Pilot
Jesse Harding

Aeiral Pilot
Jesse Slesar

Camera Operator
Kiefer Brown

Camera Operator
Jon Kuritz

Camera Operator
Anissa Hale

Production Assistant
Cameron Hotchkiss

Music - Soundtrack
Last Goodbye (feat. Danica Dora), by Eric Kinny (Musicbed)

Film Reel 2017 - Inland Film Co

All reel shots were collected from commercial marketing projects.

Director of Photography, Sam McGhee

Director/Producer, Mitch Williams

Producer, Kris Faulkner

Editor, Sam McGhee

Camera Operator, Kiefer Brown

Aerial Pilot, Jesse Slesar

Camera Operator (Aerial), Sam McGhee

Assistant Camera Operator, Wes Marvin

Music, "Soldier" by Fleurie

They Told Us To Take It Easy - #DAILYREEL 100

#DAILYREEL 100 / Today is special to us. It's allowed us to reflect on the past seven months since we formed @inlandfilmco, and the last 100 mini film reels we've put out (on a daily basis). This thing we call a #dailyreel wouldn't be possible without the amazing brands we've been able to work with, and since October, we've pushed out 44 client films for 17 great brands (involving more amazing and talented people than we could count), and now 100 dailyreel(s) -- all having over 132,000 views in total. We made a special, longer-format, #dailyreel for today. It really looks and functions like a traditional film reel, but for us it has a bit more meaning and depth considering the time we've put into these things. With every single #dailyreel, we've been able to hone in on a single element that spoke to us that day. It's helped us refine our craft, and ask questions about what we really want our work to look like, sound like, and how our videos should function as storytelling tools. Throughout this journey, one element stuck out to us the most (over the scores of them all), and that was natural sound. We are adamant on capturing real life sounds everywhere we film, and find it adds another element to the storytelling process that many people have lost sight of since slow motion video has become so accessible, and more and more widely used. Mind you, we don't have a problem with some buttery slo-mo shots, but for us, they mean nothing if we don't have an audible experience that pairs with the visual. Thank you to everyone who has followed us along in this journey. Now can everybody just send this to Gary Vee already!