Inland Film Co



Examples of work


Bale Breaker

This ad was produced by Inland Film Co for Bale Breaker Brewing Company. As anglers, ourselves, we relished the opportunity to tell the story of Bale Breaker’s Topcutter joining anglers for the journey out on the river. See more of our work with Bale Breaker.

Boise Cascade

This recruitment film was produced by Inland Film Co for Boise Cascade. We were given the opportunity to tell the story of why the Inland Northwest (specifically Kettle Falls, Colville, and Arden) would be a great place to live and work, as well as discuss the culture and opportunities available at Boise Cascade. Learn more about the Boise Cascade project.

Patagonia Teaser (Short)

Inland Film Co produces a “mini film reel” every day called the #dailyreel. This #dailyreel consists of footage from our trip to Las Pampas, Argentina, in February. We have over eight hours of footage we’re currently working on turning into a short film. We share a #dailyreel every day, highlighting our favorite shots from each week, regardless if they made it into a final project. See more fly fishing in #dailyreel 390, 389, 275, 356, 105, 127, and 396.



This #dailyreel is full of beautiful shots from our trip down to Bale Breaker Brewing Company last month, documenting Hop Harvest. This is great example of the type of footage we’re going for in outdoor environments with people at work - and the lengths we’ll go to get the shot.


Victory Media is the producer on the #weeklyten for Ten Capital Wealth Advisors, and Inland Film Co directs, shoots, and edits the the #weeklyten. This is a great example of consistent (weekly) quality content and consistent targeted messaging through video. It’s also a great example of how consistent filming can create an archive of footage for videos that reference a wide range of things. Learn more about our work with Ten Capital.